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    Silicone Rubber Insulated Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters Applied to Distribution Systems Rated
    Voltage from 0.11kV up to 20kV


   Effectively restrain system transient over-voltage level
 ■     Superior water penetration protection from one-piece molding
 ■     Meet the strictest standard in the world---IEC 99-4
 ■     Elastic silicone rubber construction for lightness with longevity
 ■     Excellent mechanical strength, exploding resistant and safe to environment
 ■     Not only used as surge arrester, but also used as post  insulator at the same time
Series Products of 0.11~20kV Surge Arrester

    Apply to rated voltage from 0.11kV up to 20kV transmission and distribution systems for preventing system operation safety from any surge over-voltage damage.
    Particular specification: based on its super mechanical strength, all the zinc oxide surge arresters can be used as post-insulator to replace traditional porcelain post-insulator at the same time for reducing installation cost.
    They are capable of successful operation under either intense solar radiation or heavy industrial pollution asperity service conditions.

   Type Specification
           Applicable Fields: Z for Substation   
                                                       R for Electric Capacitor  
                                                       S for Distribution   
                                                       G for Ring-main Unti
                                                       D for Electric Generator and Motor    
                                                       J for Neutral Grounding
                                                       T for Electric Railway   
                                                       X for Transmission Line
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