Wuhan Leitai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (WLT) is an advanced scientific & technological enterprise with development of new electrical technologies, manufacture of silicone rubber series products including power cable accessories, surge arresters, over voltage protection devices and polymeric insulators, etc. about 10 series and 156 types products. All the series products have been widely used in power transmission and distribution system, power plants, mines, metallurgy and petroleum refinery, also exported to other countries. WLT has strived to assist customers supplying electric power more safely, more reliably, and more economically.

      WLT has gone through ISO 9001 Inspection Certificate and hold 12 advanced patent technologies, these have WLT keep one step ahead of other companies and occupy over 30% market shares in China. High quality, reasonable price and the best service enable WLT to be the leading supplier of surge arresters, power cable accessories, polymeric insulators, as well as electrical measuring instruments in China.

      WLT leads 12 departments such as Research and Development Center, Quality control Dept., etc., and 3 holding companies: Wuhan Leitai Advance Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Leitai Electrical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Leitai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and 1 branch: Bangkok Office in Thailand., and 1 subsidiary company: WLT Technologies, Inc. in Unite States.

      There are 86 employees in WLT. In the research and development center of WLT, more than 40 scientists and senior engineers devote themselves continually and assiduously to the innovations in product designs and manufacture. To ensure product quality, IEC Standards, IEEE Standards, ISO 9001 Standards and Chinese Standards (GB) have been carried out all the manufacture process strictly. So a complete Quality Administrative system is found in WLT, including R&D, quality control and administration of whole production process, examination of raw materials & semi-manufactured goods, one by one test of finished products.


     WLT would like to build much closer relationship with the domestic and international customers by advanced production technology, high quality products, careful and considerate service as well as stand by promise faithfully. You are always welcome to visit WLT when you convenience and it is your correct choice to contact with WLT.


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