1. Comparition of High-voltage Test Methords for XLPE Power Cable Lines

Abstract :  This paper compares three test methods for detecting the insulation defect of the XLPE power cable line, i.e. 50Hz AC voltage, 0.1Hz very-low frequency voltage (VLF) and the oscillating wave voltage (OWV) tests. The experimental results show that 50Hz AC test is a preferable method to detect various types of XLPE power cable line defects but the practical technology needs further research. It is confirmed that VLF test is quite effective in detecting moisture and water-treeing in the XLPE power cable including accessories, and OWV test is effective in detecting defects formed in the process of cable manufacture and installation.

2.On-line PD Detection in XLPE Power Cable Based on Fractal Theory

Abstract :  Based on variety of fractal dimension scale and principle of self-similarity , this paper presents a new digital analysis system for partial discharge ( PD ) signal detecting, recognizing and processing. Application of fractal character calculating, detecting PD pulse signal of XLPE power cable approach very high frequency ( VHF ) using high - frequency and wide-band electromagnetism coupling is able to restrain noise interfering and pick up PD signal key eigenvalue effectively. The technique for on-line detection of partial discharge in XLPE power cable have been improved in this paper

3.Partial Discharge Detection in XLPE Power Cable With CT Sensor

4.Study on Surface Discharge of Composite Dielectric in XLPE Power   Cable  Joints

5.The Fractal Dimention Estimate of Water Tree in XLPE Dielectric

6.Analysis of 3-d Partial Discharge Patterns in XLPE Power Cable Based On   Fractal Theory

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